Thursday, September 27, 2012

On Tuesday 25th of September 2012 i Danielle drove from my sisters gymnastics at the Feilding High School Hall to the Lytton Street School Library. When i arrived at the library i had all sorts of feelings all around and inside. I was nervous,excited,confident and glad and i felt like i was going to stop and get my cards mixed up but i didn't. My Topic was "Imagine if whatever you said came true. "Wouldn't that be awesome!! Can you imagine if what ever you said came true?

This video will show you my speech on the night.

 That night when Mrs Trembath announced 1st place,2nd place and 3rd place,i got my hopes up and,Guess What?Briana Dobson came third which she is a friend to me,I Danielle Hallett came second (awesome!!) and Piper Bismark which she is another friend to me. So that means that in term four(4) Piper and i will be going to the inter schools speech finals. How exciting is that! We will be competing against 2 other children from other schools in Feilding.

Wish me luck!

Piper speech final

Well on the 25 of September 2012 I Piper went to the speech finals at the Lytton street library. My topic was "imagine a world without chocolate" so could you imagine a world without chocolate?
My fellings were allover the place I was excited,confident, nervous, glad and i just felt like i was going to miss something out but i didn't i hope.

So guess what Danielle came second from room 13 and I Piper Bismark came first yesss so Danielle and i will be going to the Feilding speech final against other feilding schools wish me luck.

Victoria's pet

On Wednesday the 26 of September 2012 I brought my guinea pig in called Peppa. I got to tell the class every thing I knew about Guinea Pigs. Such as they come from South America, that they like dark places and that they eat fruit/guinea pig food etc. Peppa is brown like the colour of Pepper so that is how she got her name. I spell her name differently because I thought it would be weird to call her after food. Josh even held her and he was laughing with glee. I was a bit worried about giving Peppa to Josh  because I did not know how he would react. Lastly I went around in a circle and gave everybody a nice little stroke or hold. Mrs Arm-Strong Lush even held Peppa. Sadly my mum had to take her home."Bye Peppa" we all yelled and that was the end of Peppa's amazing trip to Room 13.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Room 13's A Whanau - LJVO - Music Video

Over the past week we have been writing a song explaining how Room 13 is a tresure as our enquiry unit.

We had to use the tune Good Times, which meant we had to use the same amount of syllables and follow the rhyming pattern.

After that we had to make a music video to match, the words and actions had to be in the correct place. We edited it on iMovie and here is what our group came up with. This is our first edited quicktime.

Our good times were:
- We worked together as a group.

- We shared the iPad and everyone got the same amount of videoing when the others were being recorded.

- Our lryics were well written and we were the first group to begin recording.

One person was able to edit each piece as the rest of the group took more footage, we continued this process throughout.

Our areas that need improving are:
- We took quite a few times to record one that we liked.

- One person in our group struggled to be on task through the making of our music video.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

More FMs visit

More FM Mike West and Gareth Pringle visited our school!
Yes I know what you’re thinking " would they visit Lytton Street School?”
 Well i’ll tell you why.

One day our teacher (Mrs Armstrong-Lush) mentioned that Mike West
and Gareth Pringle from More FM were visiting! and that we needed a 
class joker. No matter how many people signed up to be class joker none
of the jokes were voted because one person in our class had said the funniest
 joke ever. His name was Cameron.

The joke was: Why did the koala fall out of the tree? because it was dead. 
Why did the second koala fall out of the tree? because it got hit by the first one. 
Why did the third koala fall out of the tree? Peer pressure. 
Why did the Mailman die? because it got hit by three koalas! There were plenty of other jokes but we laughed the most at Camerons joke rather then the others. Last of all Mike West and Gareth Pringle said that our jokes would be on the radio!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hi my name is Logan and I am ten years old. I have been to seven different schools. I have been to Lytton street school before when I was a year 1/2 and I am back now. I can remember most of the teachers' names. 
I am really enjoying been back at Lytton Street School, the people are really nice.

Mathex 2012

On Friday the 10 August 2012, the manawatu mathex took place with lots schools taking part in the huge event. There were catagorys for year 5, 6, 7 and 8 each one with harder questions then the last.
Our teams didn't come first but gave it they're best effort possible! Could you answer this question?
100 green bottles are standing on a wall.  If a sharp shooter can knock off 3 green bottles every minute, how many minutes until there are 85 bottles left standing? Hard? well teams had to answer 20 questions similar or completly different to that.

Swimming Term 3 - Swim Safe

welcoming Ariana

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Student of the week and Aroha Certificate

Well Done to the student of the week to Karen.   And the two aroha certificates that went to Makayla and Leijan well done to all of them.And keep your effort up.

School Disco - Haami

Andrew's Special Duffy Award

After all the books had been given out in Duffy assembely, some special awards were given out from the new zealand post awards there was one award for the year 3&4's and 5&6's. Guess what? I got the award for the year 5&6's, it consisted of a book and a certificate. It was a very lucky day for me!