Thursday, September 27, 2012

On Tuesday 25th of September 2012 i Danielle drove from my sisters gymnastics at the Feilding High School Hall to the Lytton Street School Library. When i arrived at the library i had all sorts of feelings all around and inside. I was nervous,excited,confident and glad and i felt like i was going to stop and get my cards mixed up but i didn't. My Topic was "Imagine if whatever you said came true. "Wouldn't that be awesome!! Can you imagine if what ever you said came true?

This video will show you my speech on the night.

 That night when Mrs Trembath announced 1st place,2nd place and 3rd place,i got my hopes up and,Guess What?Briana Dobson came third which she is a friend to me,I Danielle Hallett came second (awesome!!) and Piper Bismark which she is another friend to me. So that means that in term four(4) Piper and i will be going to the inter schools speech finals. How exciting is that! We will be competing against 2 other children from other schools in Feilding.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Congratulation Piper and Danielle


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