Monday, September 24, 2012

Room 13's A Whanau - LJVO - Music Video

Over the past week we have been writing a song explaining how Room 13 is a tresure as our enquiry unit.

We had to use the tune Good Times, which meant we had to use the same amount of syllables and follow the rhyming pattern.

After that we had to make a music video to match, the words and actions had to be in the correct place. We edited it on iMovie and here is what our group came up with. This is our first edited quicktime.

Our good times were:
- We worked together as a group.

- We shared the iPad and everyone got the same amount of videoing when the others were being recorded.

- Our lryics were well written and we were the first group to begin recording.

One person was able to edit each piece as the rest of the group took more footage, we continued this process throughout.

Our areas that need improving are:
- We took quite a few times to record one that we liked.

- One person in our group struggled to be on task through the making of our music video.

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