Thursday, September 22, 2011

D.A.R.E - Role Play

In DARE today, we learnt how to be assertive rather than aggressive or passive when there are problems. Here is a scenario of what we had to re-enact.

You and your friend have met up outside the hall where the school social is being held. One of the group is really excited and shows you all a whole lot of pills. She's taken them from bottles in the medicine cupboard. She reckons that they will make you feel great. You and your friend don't want nay pills. One of the others say:
"What's so special about you that you don't want to join in?"
What will you do?

This is how we would act assertively when faced with different scenario -

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  1. Its great to have dare! It is so fun and we learn lots!
    Can you post something on your unfolding stories please?

    T.W & M.R of room 12


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